Individual Product

DCPG presents quality, affordable coverage for individuals and families.

With an individual dental insurance plan from The Dental Care Plus Group, you’ll get an affordable, easy-to-use dental benefits plan for every phase of life — whether you’re on your own, a family, student or senior. And every plan comes with our outstanding customer service as well as a strong network of dentists.

You can choose a plan just for you or one that covers your entire family, all while keeping your budget in mind. To round out your health care needs, each dental plan comes standard with access to our vision and hearing discount programs.

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You can give your clients dental benefit options that fill the gap, and more, with an individual dental plan from The Dental Care Plus Group. 

Consider an Individual Dental Plan from DCPG if:

You would like the peace of mind that comes with knowing you have dental coverage to limit the out-of-pocket expenses of unplanned dental costs. This checklist will help you understand what makes our plans stand out from the others.

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