Personal Accountability And Leadership

DCPG representatives act as true business partners. They're industry experts who provide a high level of consultative service and are available to meet with you face-to-face to help address all of your clients' needs. Our responsive team takes the administrative burden off of broker teams – freeing you up to be the consultant and problem-solver your clients need you to be. Our top executives are also accessible - meeting with agencies and producers 
to listen to ideas, discuss products and market changes, or provide perspective 
on health care reform.

Transparency And Predictability

We believe transparency helps to uncover opportunities. We believe in keeping you abreast of the real costs of doing business. Our rates year-to-year are fair and consistent — helping your clients better anticipate and plan for annual expenses. We produce utilization reports for groups of 100 or more enrolled employees so your groups can make informed decisions about how to maximize your investment over time.

Fast Response And Accurate Information

In a world of computerized customer service, you can be confident you can always reach a DCPG representative during business hours. We have the best call-response rates in the business. No automatic voice system, transfers or long holds — just direct access to your knowledgeable representative, who is ready to respond to your needs immediately. That's also our standard for members, administrators and providers. Once you place a group with DCPG, you'll never need to worry that the group will be anything but satisfied.

Flexible Options

Our high-quality plans are designed to give members more for their money. To ensure greater value, we provide customized options or develop new plans to meet specific needs. We’ll always work with you, and even when we have to say no, we’ll explain why and offer alternatives that might prove to be as good if not a better solution.


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