Commercial Group Products

With a portfolio of products and the ability to tailor plan designs, DCPG is an ideal partner for your dental insurance needs. Companies with as few as two employees headquartered in Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana, or Tennessee are eligible to purchase our group plans while providing employees across the nation with access to dentists.

All of our group plans come standard with:

  • No waiting periods
  • Dependents covered to age 26; no full-time student verfication required
  • Competitive rates
  • Fourth quarter deductible carryover
  • Two-year rate guarantees standard on shelf-rated products

Dental PPO

Given its network flexibility, members are covered whether they choose an in-network or out-of-network provider with our dental PPO. Members have access to dentists wherever they live, work or travel domestically thanks to a robust nationwide network of nearly 270,000 access points.

Dental HMO

Members are required to visit an in-network dentist with our dental HMO product. But with a robust network of the practicing dentists in the Greater Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky area, the need to go out-of-network is minimal.

Dental Indemnity

Our dental Indemnity product is available to groups with 10 or more eligible employees and is offered in conjunction with our dental HMO. There is no network associated with this product. Members can choose any licensed dentist in the United States for covered services. Fewer restrictions on provider choice are offset by the loss of protection against balance billing.

Small Group Dental and Visioin Solutions

Sun Life offers shelf rated plans for 2-50 eligible employees. Click here for more information. 

Additional Product Information