Every Great Company Needs a Purpose

You'll quickly find that DCPG takes the hassle out of dental insurance. How? Well, it started with an idea.

In 1986, several dentists came together with the idea that there had to be a better way for patients to get quality dental care through their employers. They devised a plan that simplified administration for all parties and focused on care. From that, The Dental Care Plus Group (DCPG) was founded. Our business has evolved since then, but DCPG continues to stand out from the competition by providing flexible plans at a fair cost, excellent customer service and ease-of-use for care providers and their patients.

This evolution continues today with the addition of individual dental plans to our product family. These plans cater to consumers in every stage of life: Medicare eligibles, families, college students, the self-employed or those on their own. To check out our individual plans, visit MyDentalCarePlus.com.

Our focus on service for everyone involved has paid off. We now have a commanding market share and are one of the premiere dental carriers in the region.

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Company Profile

  • Founded in 1986
  • Annual revenues exceeding $112 million
  • More than 275,000 dentist access points nationwide
  • 408,000 dental and vision plan members
  • Live customer service Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm EST