DCPG Brings You Discounts And Savings On Hearing Equipment and Technology Through EPIC

Hearing loss is increasingly affecting the quality of life for millions of Americans. DCPG’s Hearing Service Plan (HSP), administered by EPIC, is dedicated to providing you and your family members with the highest quality of hearing care possible.

Through EPIC’s HSP, DCPG offers a complementary program for managing hearing care and obtaining discounted, brand-name hearing aids through a national network of high-quality providers. Beginning with a thorough medical/audiological evaluation of your ears and hearing, EPIC’s specialists will determine the course of treatment best suited to improve your hearing, whether hearing aids or surgery.

Benefits of DCPG's Hearing Benefit Through EPIC

  • National network of ear physicians and audiologists
  • Testing, evaluations and hearing aid fittings by licensed audiologists
  • Discounts on brand-name hearing aids — savings of 30% to 60%
  • All levels of technology and hearing aid styles
  • Assistance coordinating health plan benefits and hearing aid allowances to maximize savings
  • Toll-free telephone support throughout the process
  • All payments are to EPIC HSP to ensure controlled fees (flexible payment plans and financing available)
  • No administrative forms or paperwork to fill out
  • HSP member booklet lists more information about available technology, products and pricing

How to Access Your Hearing Benefit

The first step in your improved hearing is a consultation with an EPIC Hearing Counselor. Counselors will refer you to our nationwide alliance of physicians and hearing professionals.

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Hearing Technology Available Through EPIC

Today’s advanced technology delivers the clearest sound quality ever developed. With EPIC’s brand-name personal hearing systems, you will choose from a variety of choices and styles.

Hearing Aid Choices & Styles