Eligibility Verification

DCPG offers our participating providers the ability to verify member eligibility through our provider portal.

There is no special software needed and this option is free of charge for our in-network providers.

To obtain a confidential user name and password, click here and follow the instructions for registering for the portal. You will need your nine-digit tax ID (FEIN) or Social Security number and ZIP code.

*Note to former SecureTrack users: SecureTrack has been updated with DCPG’s provider portal. Your SecureTrack login credentials will no longer be valid as of March 2, 2019 so you must register for the portal by clicking here. Please bookmark this updated link to the portal and use your new credentials (user name and password) going forward for ALL eligibility inquiries and claim submissions.

Contact DCPG

Contact Provider Relations for:

  • reimbursements
  • joining DCPG networks
  • contract questions
  • credentialing
  • change of address

Contact Customer Service for:

  • questions about eligibility
  • status of a claim
  • benefit verification
  • how to file a claim
  • pretreatment estimates

Call DCPG at (800) 367-9466 or (513) 554-1100, Monday through Friday from 8:00 am until 4:30 pm EST.

100 Crowne Point Place
Cincinnati, OH 45241