A Primer on Dental Benefits

Ancillary benefits can be complicated. We are here to help you understand the basics of dental benefits so you are better prepared to discuss these topics with your clients.

Importance of Dental Insurance

Dental should be a part of every benefits package because very simply, oral health isn’t just about your mouth. Studies continue to uncover new findings further confirming the link between oral health and general health including medical issues such as diabetes, heart disease, stroke and oral cancer. Increased awareness has led to a rise in the demand for quality dental insurance. But there are even more reasons. Click here.

Common Terminology

Our Dental 101 Guidebook has a handy list of definitions for terms often found on a dental benefits summary or contract. Click here to view this list of common dental terms.

Types of Dental Plans

Dental plans vary due to network access, structure of benefits and out-of-pocket exposure. In this way, dental plans are similar to medical plans. Keep these key elements in mind when determining which plan best fits the needs and requests of your clients.

Pain Points

Cost is an important consideration but not the only factor when electing or moving dental coverage. There are potential pain points to consider including:

  • Network access
  • Variance in contract (age and frequency limits)
  • Service
  • Price
  • Out-of-network reimbursement level
  • Annual open enrollment
  • Waiting periods

The above is just a glimpse of the resources and information we have available to help you become more conversational about dental benefits.

To receive your own copy of our Dental 101 Guidebook, contact your DCPG representative.

About DCPG

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Small Group Dental Solutions

Sun Life offers shelf rated plans for 2-50 eligible employees. Click here for more information. 

Dental Insurance that Bridges the Gap

With a dental benefit plan from DCPG, your groups don't have to sacrifice service for a nationwide network. Read more here.