The DCPG Broker Hub

At DCPG, we're committed to providing you with innovative ways to take greater control of your client portfolio and bring more value to your relationships. The new DCPG Broker Hub has the tools and information you need to manage dental 
plans more effectively and efficiently. This resource was created entirely for our Broker community and is just one 
way DCPG is helping you build your business. Together, we can do great things.

Register and immediately start managing group 
information like never before.

Manage And Track All Groups

Quickly view your agency's book of business or customize your settings to view only your groups' information at-a-glance. The Broker Hub provides instant reference for each group name, size and renewal date and is search- and sort-capable to compare information across clients.

View Detailed Group Information

Click on the group name to pull up group details, 
including market, product type, and relevant contact 
information. Add your own custom notes and 
contacts to each group.

Streamlined Quoting Process 

Within the group detailed view, immediately request a quote for available DCPG products via email and access the secure messaging log-in with a click of a mouse in the Quick Links section.

Access To Essential Documents

Save time by not searching through your inbox. Get quick access to essential documents such as forms, trend documents and sales materials. Documents are located in one central location to provide you with what you need, right when you need it.

Stay Up-To-Date

Read the latest benefit data and industry news. Plus, view regional patterns in coverage, prevention 
and treatment preferences from our collected data 
of more than 260,000 dental plan members.

Enhancements will follow at regular intervals, increasing the use and value of the Broker Hub over time.


Top 5 Reasons To Login To The Broker Hub

Register immediately and start managing group information like never before. 

  1. Manage and track all your groups. 
  2. View detailed group information. 
  3. Utilize our streamlined quoting process. 
  4. Access essential documents.
  5. Stay up-to-date on the latest benefit data.

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